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Chooses Dams Over Fish

by N. E. Bartlow
Lewiston Tribune, August 15, 2019

Lower Monumental dam impounds water extending 42 miles upstream. There are a host of good reasons to save our dams. Let us see why.

The dam breachers would have us believe that we would rather have a few fish that we really don't want or need than to have less expensive electric power in every room of our house, garage or shop. Give me a break.

All of the dams have been wisely engineered to allow the passage of fish safely past each dam as they travel upriver. The facts are most people would rather have lower-cost power in their house, garage or shop than a few extra fish that they may really not want or need.

Ask your neighbor: Would you rather have dependable electric power or a few fish that can be purchased at most markets?

Make your own survey and then decide.

N. E. Bartlow, Pomeroy
Chooses Dams Over Fish
Lewiston Tribune, August 15, 2019

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