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Dam Closure Will Be a Win for
Both Economy and Environment

by Brett Wedeking
The Seattle Times, July 28, 2009

Snake River dams: What would removing them do?
Letters to the Editor

Ice Harbor Lock and Dam is about 10 miles up the Snake River from its confluence with the Columbia. It's among the dams that some suggest should be removed to allow restoration of the river system's natural state. I liked everything about Lance Dickie's column on the changing dynamics in the Inland Northwest concerning salmon recovery and the fate of the lower Snake River dams -- except his characterization that this is another debate pitting the environment against jobs.

I am a fishing guide and a store manager at Creekside Angling Company in Issaquah. My livelihood depends on healthy fish populations. These fisheries depend on a healthy habitat.

Just like any other creature, salmon and steelhead exemplify the essential connection between environment and economy. It is most encouraging to see local leaders in Lewiston and Clarkston taking the initiative to push for the resolution of this dogged issue.

Whether the dams stay or go, our region needs to work together right now to restore healthy runs of salmon in a manner that benefits and serves any affected communities.

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Brett Wedeking, Kirkland
Dam Closure Will Be a Win for Both Economy and Environment
The Seattle Times, July 28, 2009

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