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Crapo a Hero

by Cathy J. Nuxoll
Letters, The Idaho Statesman, November 5, 2003

Way to go, Sen. Mike Crapo.

Recently I learned that since I support water in rivers for fish that I´m an “eco-extortionist,” according to Norm Semanko, president of the Coalition for Idaho Water. Gee, I kinda see myself more like a coalition member since I am of the belief that if it is indeed “Idaho” water, we should find solutions that would benefit farmers and fish and Idahoans who are passionate about both salmon and food grown in our native soil.

I believe Sen. Crapo may have a similar vision since he is creating a forum for environmental groups and irrigators to sit down and look for ways to maintain flows for fish migration and still have water for crops.

Sen. Crapo, you are my hero and I hope you are successful in extinguishing the name-calling while creating a true coalition of Idaho water users.

Cathy J. Nuxoll, Boise
Crapo a Hero
The Idaho Statesman, November 5, 2003

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