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Craig Should Retire

by Don Weatherhead
Idaho Statesman, December 11, 2005

Again Sen. Larry Craig is embarrassing all of us in Idaho. First was the statement about New Orleans (not worthy of repair), now the elimination of funds for the Fish Passage Center. It is becoming very obvious that Craig is in President Bush's pocket. The money, $1.3 million, should be rechanneled to salmon recovery in the Northwest. Do you think that will happen? No.

Craig will no doubt cast his vote in any way the president wants. Take a look at our sister city, Reno. All the freeway construction and a new bypass from Reno to Carson City with beautiful engravings on cement dividers. They don't have to wait five years to beautify their projects. Oregon has many freeway projects under way.

Why can't our senator fight for us? Do any of you have any guess as to how he will vote for a new Supreme Court nominee? Are you kidding? With President Bush, Sen. Craig needs to retire and let someone with Idaho's future take over.

Don Weatherhead, Meridian
Craig Should Retire
Idaho Statesman, December 11, 2005

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