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Snake River Dams are Costing Us
More Than They Generate

by Sam Bess
Everett Herald, September 18, 2020

20 years ago, Lonesome Larry was the only sockeye salmon to make the 800-mile trip from the Pacific Ocean to Redfish Lake, once a popular spawning area for salmon. A recent letter to the editor by a Hood River, Ore., resident pins the tail on the donkey. Columbia and Snake River dams cost us more dollars than they generate.

Isn't it bad enough that the salmon are not able to spawn, that the Snake river is a shallow hot tub during the summer, that the sea lions are smarter than the Army Corp of Engineers and have better fishing sense than our sport fishing industry and that the operating and maintenance costs for these obsolete edifices to ecological disaster are eclipsed by the other tax dollars spent to mitigate the ecological problems these dams continue to cause? Native Americans and sport fishing and environmentalists should also be marching in the streets for these outdated and bozo energy systems eradication.

The government has to stop goosing big-buck industry over a pristine river system.

Sam Bess, Stanwood
Snake River Dams are Costing Us More Than They Generate
Everett Herald, September 18, 2020

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