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Connecting the Dots

by James Lawyer
Lewiston Tribune, February 22, 2023

Lower Monumental Dam My cousin stopped the construction of a huge dam. This is another great Nimiipuu thing.

Another great Indian thing was that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission decommissioned the Klamath River dams. Hooray. This is to defer to the Klamath River Indian tribes.

There is a link for this happening due to the Nimiipuu. Here, I will connect the dots.

The success of the Indian Home and Farm Association resulted in my grandpa's appointment to the $11 million program in 1935 on the Klamath Reservation. Even though my grandpa retired in 1943, the economic success of the Klamaths generated a statement that the Klamaths were the tribe most able to keep economically successful as a terminated tribe.

The Klamaths were terminated.

But even as a terminated tribe, the Klamaths were able to successfully battle for their water rights. Hence, FERC's decision.

The word is that the Nez Perce effort resulted that youngsters from favored politically inside families get internship jobs.

Word also seems to be coming from exploitation interests that the Snake River Basin Adjudication was defective and should be altered. One fact that proves Idaho has acted in bad faith in this matter has come forward in the Culvert case. The state of Washington claimed that the treaties empowered the state to block all fish coming into the state. The state of Idaho went along with this fish blockade.

I am upset and greatly saddened that the tribal newspaper has met its demise.

James Lawyer, Grangeville, Idaho
Connecting the Dots
Lewiston Tribune, February 22, 2023

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