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Sen. Craig's Action
Demonstrates Disdain

by Jim Miller
Idaho Statesman, August 12, 2007

Sen. Larry Craig is at it again. He seems bent upon bringing about the demise of Idaho's precious wild salmon and steelhead. Most recently, it was his "smoke and mirrors" effort to dismantle the Fish Passage Center. And now, he's come up with one more round of "skullduggery," by constructing language (Sec. 127) for insertion into the Senate Interior Appropriations Bill (SB 1696) that would have the secretary of Interior carry out the provisions of the 2005 Upper Snake River Biological Opinion. Never mind that a federal court has ruled this BiOp illegal and invalidated its provisions. Craig's action is nothing more than a blatant attempt to subvert federal court rulings and demonstrates a continuing arrogance, as well as disdain for the concerns of Idaho sportsmen.

The language (Sec. 127) that Craig seeks to insert in this appropriations bill is unacceptable, totally without merit and has no place in this type legislation. It needs to be removed.

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Jim Miller, Boise
Sen. Craig's Action Demonstrates Disdain
Idaho Statesman, August 12, 2007

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