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Bush's Stance on Dams
Not Shored Up by Facts

by Brenda Buchanan
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - August 28, 2003

In his typical abuse of the English language, President Bush came to the Northwest, stood on a salmon-killing dam and tried to mislead us to believe that the way of life for salmon-based business can be restored without the removal of the lower Snake River dams. Is this guy for real?

Bush has been trying to sell us that line since his campaign in 2000. What has he done to prove it? Absolutely nothing. The president has yet to show us how we can restore salmon runs without the removal of those dams. If he has found a way, I and the hundreds of thousands of others who believe that lower Snake dam removal is the best scientific and economic opportunity for recovery are anxiously waiting to hear it.

Until he produces facts, rather than doublespeak, we can chalk this visit up to more political rhetoric to please his wealthy contributors.

Brenda Buchanan, Seattle
Bush's Stance on Dams Not Shored Up by Facts
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 28, 2003

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