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Bush No Friend of the Environment

by Jay Inslee
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - October 5, 2004

Until recently, the environment has always been a bipartisan issue here. Many Washington Republicans such as Dan Evans and Ralph Munro are known as great environmentalists. Unfortunately, GOP President Theodore Roosevelt must be spinning in his grave due to the Bush administration's assault on Washington state's environment.

Since taking office President Bush has conducted a shock and awe campaign on the Pacific Northwest environment. His administration has destroyed environmental protections that enjoy great public support and crushed carefully laid plans to preserve our natural surroundings.

In light of the Bush-Cheney campaign's anointment of Bush as a "champion of the environment" ("Bush Respects and Preserves Park Land," Sept. 28), it is fitting we consider this brief reminder of the environmental attacks:

Unfortunately, calling the waste by any other name does not change the fact that leaking nuclear waste has serious consequences such as contaminating the Columbia River and undermining Washington's right to protect public health.

There is no greater contrast between the aspirants to the White House this year than there is on the environment. John Kerry is resolute and straightforward on the environment, and has sincerely worked to protect it throughout his entire career. He has one of the highest, if not the highest, career voting records on the environment in the Senate. We could not do better for our local environment.

Many people hope Bush will have an epiphany and change his ways but his record on the environment is the worst of any president in American history, and we cannot take that terrible gamble.

Democrat Jay Inslee represents the First Congressional District and serves on the Committee on Resources. He is the ranking member of the subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health.
Bush No Friend of the Environment
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 5, 2004

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