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Bush Has No Interest
in Public Input on Salmon

by Derek W. Dexheimer
Letters, The News Tribune, September 3, 2003

(AP Photo) President Bush and Interior Secretary Gale Norton visited the Ice Harbor Lock and Dam near Burbank, Wa., last month. President Bush's recent visit to one of the four Snake River dams - instead of the original plan to speak in Tacoma - illustrates the administration's dissembling toward salmon recovery in particular and responsible environmental stewardship in general.

Not only does Bush lack interest in the now voluminous science that points to the removal of the dams as the only way to ensure the continued survival of salmon in the Columbia Basin, but he also has no interest in hearing from a public that wants to save these endangered fish.

There is no valid, objective reason for not removing the four dams. The tiny fraction of electricity and handful of barge jobs that would be lost hold nothing in comparison to the benefits of recovered salmon, not to mention the use of much more efficient and cost-effective rail transportation, and further development of wind and solar power. Removing the dams would do much to further sustainable development based on a healthy river ecosystem.

Instead of wholeheartedly attempting to dismantle our nation's environmental protections, the administration should direct its energies toward preserving our wild heritage. A good start would be restoring the Snake River for native, wild salmon.

Derek W. Dexheimer, Federal Way
Bush Has No Interest in Public Input on Salmon
The News Tribune, September 3, 2003

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