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Clean Energy: Harvest Nature's Bounty

by Richard H. Joseph
The Oregonian, June 1, 2007

There are, unfortunately, too many people who think that salmon are more important than people. At this time, when the country, as well as the planet, are threatened with the impending loss of fossil energy sources, we should be thinking of not only keeping all hydroelectric facilities working but also how to increase these facilities to their maximum output.

For the future of civilization, now is the time to start harvesting the power of all sources of nature's bounty -- water, wind, sun and so on. Otherwise, in the not too distant future, our progeny will be back living in caves, cursing the shortsightedness of their forebears.

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Richard H. Joseph, Editorial Board
Clean Energy: Harvest Nature's Bounty.
The Oregonian, June 1, 2007

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