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Boise High Green Club Walks Out of School
to Raise Awareness

by Tracy Bringhurst
Idaho Press, September 25, 2020

The Boise High Green Club, while wearing CoVid-19 masks, gather in protest on the Idaho State Capitol steps. The Boise High Green Club walked out of class at noon on Sept. 25, made signs and marched to the Capitol to call attention to climate change as part of a worldwide walkout.

"We're sending a message to our leaders that this is an emergency and our future is at stake," said Founder/President of the Green Club and 16-year-old sophomore Shiva. "We need systemic change and it's too little too late for individual actions."

The Green Club has adult mentors but all of the action comes from the students. Shiva said they want to raise awareness about local issues like the Stibnite Mine Project outside of McCall and the four lower Snake River dams.

The Stibnite Mine Project is an open copper mine that has been under fire for possibly leaking contaminants into the Salmon River. People can give public comment and submit letters next week via a Zoom link from the Payette National Forrest.

The issue surrounding the four lower Snake River dams is that the extent of the damming is directly affecting the salmon and many are worried the extent of the damage could lead to extinction. Public comment on the issue is open Tuesday, Sept. 28 during Governor Little's Salmon Work Group.

There wasn't a large number of students involved but the ones that were there were passionate. Petra, co-president of the Green Club, said her parents support what she's doing.

"We've been trying to do a lot of stuff," said Petra. "We can't vote but we can register others and youth are getting a lot of stuff done. We are here for change and not letting doubt hold us back."

She said some previous advisors have called the group too radical, but she thinks that's a good thing.

"It's important to push boundaries." Petra said.

One of the next moves that the group will make in partnership with Extinction Rebellion Boise is that the group to make a t-shirt that says "No WAP for Trump," and specified that what the group means is sexually empowered and strong women don't support President Donald Trump.

All of the attendees were excited and ready to support a cause they believe in. Jonah, 15, was in on the action.

"I think the more we do the more it can intimidate people in power and make them hear our voice," said Jonah. "It's not a question, these are demand. We are scared and we need the lawmakers to do something about it for our future."

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Tracy Bringhurst
Boise High Green Club Walks Out of School to Raise Awareness For Climate Change
Idaho Press, September 23, 2020

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