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Orcas Can Be Helped Without
Removal of Snake River Dams

by Donald Stark
Yakima Herald, March 8, 2020

"What we found is they (survey respondents) don't know very much and in fact, some of what they know is simply wrong.
Many people thought that the population of salmon on the Snake was declining, an in fact
(?) it's actually increasing."

To the editor -- To the people who want to break the dams on the Snake River: There’s a much better way to help the salmon and steelhead survive. Have the treaty Indians curtail back on harvesting fish, eliminate the seals below Bonneville Dam, limit the commercial fishing in the ocean and Columbia River, and limit the number of fish that eat the salmon fry. As for the orcas, they should eat the seals.

The governor of Oregon should have nothing to say about the dams in Washington state.

If the dams are broken, it will eliminate the hydropower, river transportation, flood control, irrigation to farmers, and recreation for the people of three states. Besides, it will cost the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. Not a good idea.

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Donald Stark
Orcas Can Be Helped Without Removal of Snake River Dams
Yakima Herald, March 8, 2020

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