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Barge of the Dammed

by E. Jankowski
Boise Weekly - October 21, 1999

Does anyone remember Abbie Hoffman? A plastic bag was place over his head, suicide apparently, but "Dam Tough" to do. He was a streetwise son of the City of Seven Hills, Worcester, Mass. For more than 15 years he fought the Army Corps of Engineers under an assumed name "underground" in the Thousand Islands region of upstate New York.

For the 2 percent of the salmon who don't survive, I say our "free" press in this democracy is part of the process of social amnesialsm of our current ecology. We have forgotten what armies are for in Babylon.

by E. Jankowski, Boise
Barge of the Dammed
The Mail, Boise Weekly, October 21, 1999

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