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Sign Away Our Souls

by Don West
The Daily Astorian, July 20, 2007

NorthernStar put an ad in the Daily Astorian stating that taxes paid to the county because of their project would be $8 million dollars annually.

Wow, that's a lot of money. Anyone would be dumb not to take that offer. It reminds me a little of Lucifer promising to give you whatever your heart desires, if only you will sign your soul away to him.

The math seems fuzzy when you look at the additional cost involved in allowing liquefied natural gas on the Columbia River. The net loss of jobs because of the downturn of tourism, sport and commercial fishing and recreational use will cost everyone in Clatsop County jobs and money.

The costs of additional security, fire protection, sewers, roads, pipelines and right of ways, police and safety of the entire area are all costs we do not know about.

Are we willing to sign away our souls and our connection to history to industrialize and militarize the Columbia River for a promise made by an out-of-state corporation focused on their own bottom line profits and not the best interests of our community?

It is time to jump off the fence and take a stand against this Trojan Horse which will negatively affect and degrade the quality of life we now enjoy. If LNG comes to Clatsop County, we lose.

Don West, Astoria
Sign Away Our Souls
The Daily Astorian, July 20, 2007

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