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Awards Celebrate the Behind-the-Scenes
Work of Managing FCRPS Dams

by Staff
BPA Journal, January 22, 2015

BPA's Sandra Takabayashi won the FCRPS award for a photo illustrating the multiple uses of the river with her image of the intersecting activities around the navigation locks of The Dalles Dam. It was a day for recognizing the talent and teamwork that keep the 31 dams of the Federal Columbia River Power System humming safely and reliably for the region.

The top executives of the three agencies -- Administrator Elliot Mainzer of the Bonneville Power Administration, Regional Director Lorri Lee of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and Brig. Gen. John Kem of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -- gathered to honor the stars and unsung heroes of 2014 at the Dec. 16 meeting of the FCRPS Joint Operating Committee in Boise.

The JOC is the decision-making body that coordinates the staff and resources of the three agencies to steward the care -- from daily operations to major infrastructure improvements -- of the federal hydroelectric facilities in the Columbia Basin. Through the committee, which is nearly two decades old, the agencies work together to ensure these valuable resources continue to provide low-cost, reliable power to the Northwest for years to come.

BPA had two winners at the FCRPS Awards: engineers Kathy Hacker and Sandra Takabayashi of the Federal Hydro Projects team in Power Services.

Hacker, who joined BPA in 2000 from the Seattle District of the Corps and retired at the end of December, received the FCRPS Meritorious Service Award for her contributions to the Capital Working Group, which evaluates and recommends major investments to the hydroelectric system.

"In her role as Large Capital Program Manager, Kathy worked effectively to build consensus within the group that represents a diverse cross-section of the FCRPS," Mainzer said. "Her thoughtful expertise and deliberative leadership have maintained a positive meeting atmosphere for all members, while ensuring that needed projects are funded and program execution remains high."

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Awards Celebrate the Behind-the-Scenes Work of Managing FCRPS Dams
BPA Journal, January 22, 2015

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