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Avoid Using Enviro in News Headlines

by Tom O'Gorman
Reader's Views, Capital Press - March 22, 2002

First, a compliment. I sell direct to consumers out of a produce stand and I talk about environmental issues on a regular basis.

I very frequently recommend Capital Press as the best source of environmental information going, and having the best open-minded editorial policy on emotional issues.

Now, a concern. I'm very interested in trying to bridge the gap between the environmental community and primary producers. I'm concerned about the choice of the word "enviro" as a headline.

The March 1 California edition had this headline: "Enviros Sue to Clean Up Ag Pollution."

A lot of times I'll have a conversation that goes like this"

"Are you an organic farmer?"

"No, but I'm proud of what I do and I'll be glad to show you how I do it."

So I'll give a tour and then somebody might say, "OK I can see that youre doing all right. But it's thos big guys in the Central Valley that I'm worried about."

I'll say, "Gosh, do you know any of them?"

"They'll usually say, "Well, no."

I'm concerned that if we're not careful we could divide farmers into two groups, and if we're not careful we could divide environmentalist into two groups.

I wonder if maybe something along the line of "Groups sue to clean up pollution," or "Suit filed to clean up ag pollution" would work.

If someone were curious about which group it was, it wouldn't be hard to find out in the first paragraph or two.

by Tom O'Gorman, Trinity River Farm, Willow Creek, Calif.
Avoid Using Enviro in News Headlines
Capital Press - March 22, 2002

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