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Stop this Atrocity

by LaVerne Payne
Daily Astorian, May 30, 2008

Since global warming, caused by fossil fuels, is the biggest problem concerning our world today, how can NorthernStar Natural Gas Co. even consider building 14-story tanks to contain natural gas, which is a fossil fuel, for storage?

It is imperative that fossil fuels be eliminated as soon as possible. The complications it will cause are horrific. There will undoubtedly be gas spills; the digging up of the bottom of the river and ruining the estuaries will cause the end of the salmon, steelhead and other fish, and the fishing industry.

It is incomprehensible that anyone could want to do this to our outstanding area: ruin the Columbia River, lose our fish to pollution, cause the disruption of the cargo and cruise ships coming in and out of the Columbia River, hinder the pleasure boating and other tourist attractions because of security restrictions and so much more.

Every effort must be made to stop this atrocity.

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LaVerne Payne, Seaside
Stop this Atrocity
Daily Astorian, May 30, 2008

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