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We Need Fish Advocates

by Bill Goodnight
Idaho Press, December 11, 2018

A fisherwoman proudly displays her steelhead catch. Whenever outfitters and businessmen get upset about closed steelhead seasons, politicians suddenly recognize the importance of our salmon and steelhead resources and become interested in their management.

Everyone would be happier if we had more fish to harvest. Unfortunately, there seems to be little universal support, especially among politicians, for the obvious action needed to restore our salmon and steelhead. If we want fish we need the Snake River back.

All fisheries experts in Idaho and the Northwest agree we have to remove the four dams on the lower Snake River to save these fish. Outfitters and business people in our fishing communities need to join sportsmen and conservationists and become advocates for the fish, not just harvest.

Until we convince the politicians that our fish are more important than the dams, we will continue to squabble like children over the last fish.

Bill Goodnight, Boise
We Need Fish Advocates
Idaho Press, December 11, 2018

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