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What's the Backup Plan?

by Tom Meise
Spokesman Review, April 28, 2011

Map showing location of 4 lower Snake River dams and reservoirs being considered for removal Harvey Morrison (Letters, April 22) is a bit confused. He states the run-of-the-river dams can not store water for later use in other seasons. To dam means to stop the flow of water and hold it in a basin, thereby controlling the flow over a longer period.

Where does he propose to store the power created by the wind for use when there is no wind? In my world, the wind does not blow every day nor does the sun shine every day. We need clean, reliable power on a daily basis 24/7.

If the dams are removed, he will be paying dearly for the salmon who, by the way, seem to be on the comeback. Thousands of jobs will be lost and tens of thousands of acres of food-producing land will be out of production. Also, he will add thousands of trucks to the roadways to haul the goods now moved by barge up and down the river through these worthless dams.

No! The Columbia-Snake River system is one of the largest inland water transportation systems in the world. Far too valuable for too many people to abandon (sic). Water is the cheapest way to move freight.

Do a little research.

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Regarding the Lower Snake River (LSR) dams bluefish does the research: Our Mission at is to facilitate an open and honest dialogue concerning the plight of Idaho's wild Salmon and Steelhead. The fate of these fish will largely be determined by government agencies and the funding and authorizations that they receive from Congress. It is hoped that the growing library of news and reports will assist the public and these decision-makers in making well-informed choices regarding the recovery of Idaho's anadromous fish.

Tom Meise, Washtucna
What's the Backup Plan?
Spokesman Review, April 28, 2011

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