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We Support Eliminating
the Marking of Hatchery Fish

by Idaho Farm Bureau
Quarterly, Winter 2011

Policy 2011:

(88) Endangered Species Act(ESA)

We oppose any effort to create a State Endangered Species Act (ESA). We believe that modern society cannot continue to operate on the premise that all species must be preserved at any cost.

We support a revision of the ESA to include a more thorough consideration of agricultural, mining, logging and tree farming in such a manner that these activities will be sustained and made part of any recovery plan. Recovery of Threatened or Endangered (T/E) species should not receive higher priority than human uses or rights.

We believe basic requirements of human life have priority over protection of other species, including T/E species. A thorough consideration of all potential adverse impacts to human economic and social welfare should be an integral part of any consideration to list any T/E species.

A species cannot be listed before its critical habitat is identified within its scientifically established historical range. Habitat site specific assessments and recovery plans must include comprehensive appreciation and inclusion of the protection of private property rights.

No critical-habitat designation should be allowed until it has been established beyond scientific doubt that the species in question is actually person warranted. The agency, organization or individual requesting the critical-habitat designation must bear the cost of proving presence of the species and this must be done through the use of the best available peer reviewed science.

We oppose road closures and land and water use restrictions imposed in the name of critical habitat.

Anadromous hatchery fish and wild fish should be treated equally under the ESA. Hatchery fish should be counted toward recovery of the species.

We support eliminating the marking of hatchery fish.

We oppose the introduction of the wolf and grizzly bear into federal / state and private lands in Idaho.

We believe that introduction of any species must be approved by the state Legislature.

We support the right of landowners to protect themselves, their families, livestock and properties from all predators including grizzly bears and wolves without legal retaliation.

We urge Congress to seek depredation funding for losses or damage resulting from endangered species and to mandate responsibility to deal with such losses.

We oppose implementation of the endangered species pesticide labeling program, other than in critical habitat.

We oppose the listing of the Giant Palouse Earthworm as an endangered species.

Idaho Farm Bureau
We Support Eliminating the Marking of Hatchery Fish
Quarterly, Winter 2011

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