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Takes Deputy Job at IDFG</H2> </BIG></STRONG></FONT><FONT COLOR="FF0000">by Staff <BR>Columbia Basin Bulletin, June 29, 2007</FONT></CENTER> </TABLE> <HR> <P align="left"> Serving as Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Director for 11 months, Virgil Moore announced his resignation last Friday, to be effective July 12. <p> "This was an extremely difficult decision for me," Moore said. "However, for personal reasons, I've decided to return to Idaho. <p> "It has been a great privilege to have served as director for Oregon Fish and Wildlife. Oregon is fortunate to have such dedicated and professional employees working to preserve and protect the state's fish and wildlife," said Moore. <p> Moore is returning to Idaho to take the deputy director position at Idaho Fish and Game. Moore, 55, worked for the Idaho agency for 29 years before taking the ODFW director position in August, 2006. <p> "This position gives me the opportunity to balance my personal and professional needs," Moore said. <p> "We are extremely sorry to see Virgil leave, but we understand his need to be with his family," said Marla Rae, Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission chair. "Virgil made significant progress on many important initiatives with full Commission support. Under his brief tenure, the department has made tremendous steps in implementing the Oregon Conservation Strategy, improving its information and education efforts, and developing new partnerships with state agencies, groups and others. The Commission expects the next director to continue these efforts." <p> "My recommendation is that Roy Elicker be named interim director. We will discuss this issue at the next commission meeting July 12 and the next steps to finding a permanent director," Rae said. <p> "Idaho Fish and Game is my family," Moore said when he left Fish and Game last year. "I'm moving to a different place, but I'll never leave my family." <p> Now he's moving back. <p> "We are thrilled Virgil is returning to Idaho Fish and Game," Director Cal Groen said. "He knows our operation inside out, having served in several regional positions, and as chief of two of our bureaus. He was a highly respected and effective leader while here, and his experience in Oregon makes him even better. <p> "His insight and his counsel will be invaluable as we plot our course and work through the challenges we face at Fish and Game," Groen said. "Virgil has outstanding administrative and managerial skills that will be a tremendous asset." <p> Born in St. Joseph, Mo., in 1952, he earned a bachelor's degree in education from Northwest Missouri State University in 1973. He taught high school biology in Missouri before moving to Idaho in 1974. In 1977 he received a master's degree in zoology from Idaho State University. <p> In 1977, Moore went to work for Idaho Fish and Game as a fisheries research biologist, working on Yellowstone cutthroat trout in the South Fork of the Snake River. He eventually held positions as state fisheries manager, fisheries research manager and communications bureau chief. And he was Fish and Game's fisheries chief for more than eight years. <p> Moore will replace Terry Mansfield who is retiring in mid-August. Moore's letter of resignation to Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski cites personal reasons he's leaving. His wife and family, including two grandchildren, are in Idaho. <p> Moore has lived in Pocatello, Salmon, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Falls and Boise. He and his family all enjoy outdoor activities, including whitewater boating, fishing, skiing, and photography. <p> <HR> <strong>Staff</strong><br> <A href="http://www.cbbulletin.com/Free/221686.aspx"> <I>Moore Resigns as ODFW Director; Takes Deputy Job at IDFG</I></a><BR> <strong>Columbia Basin Bulletin</STRONG>, June 29, 2007 <HR> <P align="center"><CENTER> <BIG><strong>See what you can learn</STRONG></BIG><P> <A href="topic.htm">learn more on topics covered in the film</A><BR> <A href="https://sgi25.netservers.net/bluefish.org/video.htm">see the video</A><BR> <A href="script.htm">read the script</A><BR> <A href="songs.htm">learn the songs</A><BR> <A href="forum.htm">discussion forum</A><BR> <IMG src="salmon_swimming_md_wht.gif" width=150 height=70 alt="salmon animation"> </CENTER> </basefont> </body> </HTML>