Grizzly Survival
Programs for K-12 with Diana and Buck Wilde
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Your Students Are Worth This Special Visit

In addition to being authors, Buck and Diana are
wildlife photographers and naturalists "living with
grizzlies" in Alaska. Scholastic and McGraw-Hill
have published thousands of their Wilde Images.
Visits include up to four presentations and a young
authors luncheon. Rates are available upon request.


"See" Grizzlies, Caribou, Salmon & Other Alaskan Wildlife
"Hear" Grizzly Vocalizations, Amazing but True Stories
"Learn" An Unspoken Language Used by Many Animals
"Touch" and Compare Ursine Claws, Teeth and Tracks

Authors Present a Grizzly Education

Diana is a former educator and curriculum consultant
holding a Ph.D./Education from Ohio State University.
Buck is an internationally-recognized naturalist
credited in BBC and Discovery Channel TV programs.

Sparking Links to the Classroom and Beyond

Elementary: Science, Social Studies
Middle: Science, History, Social Skills
Upper: Interdisciplinary Science & History
Teachers Glossaries & Activity Cards Included

Presentations for All K-12 Learning Levels
Dialog, delivery and drama are tuned to resonate with
K-12 and are well suited for students with special needs.

-Schedule Creative Workshops Too-
Book Workshop

- Readers, Authors, Photographers & Movie Makers -

"The Performance Left Us Wanting Them Back!"
Caribou by Wilde Images

Eagle by Wilde Images
Buck & Diana Wilde
Salmon by Wilde Images Fox by Wilde Images Cubs Play by Wilde Images

Presentations are adapted to K-12 learning levels, and prior
to each showing teachers are invited to identify curriculum
links of special interest. Autographed bookmarks are
available for purchase after an always-lively Q&A session.

This true story takes place in the Alaska wilderness, where
Buck and Diana "live with grizzlies" studying them in "the
last best place for bears". It begins inside a cozy winter den
with hearts pounding in the darkness, as a grizzly mother
dreams of red salmon and blueberries and two tiny cubs
sniff blindly from one nursing station to the next.

Grizzly adventures get underway once the bears emerge in
the spring with mountains to climb, rivers to cross, food to
find and hungry wolves to outmaneuver! Buck and Diana
lead audiences alongside the wandering bears, keeping kids
on the edges of their seats. The cubs struggle to survive as
the suspense continues through autumn until the snow flies.
Invite this dynamic team to your school and "spark student
enthusiasm" with the thrill of an educational grizzly drama!

Diana shares new findings about grizzly behavior and
communications related to survival and social interaction.
Students learn how facial expressions, body postures and
subtle gestures are used to "speak what's on wild minds".

Buck compares grizzlies to black bears and adaptations of
both species to ecosystem dynamics. He also introduces
"new science" rewriting the "grizzly's role in history":

Elementary Subplot

Starry legends of a Great She Bear (Ursa Major) and Her Son
(Ursa Minor) are traced from Europe to Asia and America,
illuminating a story that may be "the oldest tale of all time".

Middle Grade Subplot

Beringian fossils suggest Ice Age explorers and grizzlies
teamed up as a "dynamic duo", taking on ferocious short-
faced bears and discovering the New World, side-by-side.

Upper Grade Subplot

DNA evidence shows Lewis & Clark's omnivorous grizzly,
Ursus horribilis is a close cousin to carnivorous polar bears
and herbivorous cave bears from prehistoric Europe as well.

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