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The City of The Dalles celebrated its Sesquicentennial Saturday with historical photos and displays, food, music, and a program featuring U.S. Rep. Greg Walden as its keynote speaker.

About 130 people showed up to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the incorporation of The Dalles. The audience consisted mostly of elderly people or families with young children.

City Councilors Jim Wilcox and Carolyn Wood and Columbia Gorge Community College President Frank Toda were in attendance, along with numerous former mayors, city managers, and city councilors. All events took place on Court Street between Second and Third, with the area closed off to vehicle traffic.

During the program, City Manager Nolan Young spoke about the last decade and the future for The Dalles, Columbia Gorge Community College Executive Director of Resource Development Dan Spatz spoke about the history of The Dalles, former Mayor Les Cochenour discussed the military history of The Dalles, and current Mayor Robb Van Cleave gave the opening and closing remarks, along with serving as the master of ceremonies. All speeches took place on a podium at the top of the City Hall steps, with the American and Oregon flags flanking the podium.

Prior to the program, citizens perused historic postcards, photographs depicting construction of The Dalles Dam, and a picture board containing photographs and descriptions of all 66 mayors of The Dalles, while listening to Native American flutist Charles Littleleaf. After the program, the city served hot dogs and a raspberry cake inscribed with "City of The Dalles 150th Birthday" while the Mill Creek String Band performed in the City Hall parking lot. The program began with an invocation by Pastor Jim Hazlett, a performance of Auld Lang Syne by Littleleaf, the Pledge of Allegiance by Cochenour, and the National Anthem by the River City Dudes.

Young said the citizen spirit and the collaboration between citizens and the government have impressed him since he moved to The Dalles in 1997.

"When government thinks it can be the main director of society, things don't always work out well," he said.

Young has been pleased by the degree of urban renewal that has occurred under his decade-long tenure as city manager. He cited the Commodore II, which he said in 1997 was "the largest pigeon coop in the West," and the Second Street Streetscape as testaments to hard work and dedication of the citizens of The Dalles.

Young also spoke of future improvements including a cruise dock on the riverfront, renovations to the East Gateway area and the Third Street streetscape. "The future is bright," Young said. "It's bright because of who we are."

Walden looked to the past and discussed his family's connections to the city. He was born in The Dalles in 1957.

Walden's great-great-grandmother came to The Dalles in 1845 when she was 17. In her autobiography, she recorded a conversation a doctor had with her father when they still lived in Missouri.

"Don't you stay here another winter," the doctor said. "You can't brave it...Go to Oregon, where the pine and fur trees and grass grow. Mind you, if you stay here, I'll not be able to pull you through it."

Walden's ancestor also said that those who continued onto the Willamette Valley made a serious folly.

"My own father told me that her autobiography notes somewhere that there was a sign here in The Dalles in those days that said 'End of the Oregon Trail' and those who couldn't read went onto Portland," Walden said.

Walden said that opportunities have never looked better for the Mid-Columbia region and asked the audience to remember the commitment of their ancestors. Van Cleave, donning a red dress shirt, navy blue sports jacket and a white flower, gave the concluding remarks.

He spoke of the arrival of Google, and plans for a new golf course in the area. He said the city has managed to be friendly to businesses while still serving as stewards of the environment.

Van Cleave ended by praising the citizens of The Dalles. "What is it that ties a community together?" he asked. "It is right in front of me. It's all of you." <p> Related Pages:
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